2011 World Jade Symposium

In 2011 Brian Matheson created the worlds first Jade Symposium. I was very honored to work with Brian and to be a part of this international event. The Yukon Nephrite Jade was chosen for this first symposium as it has a reputation for it's outstanding workability. A very strong material that you can trust when working fine detail. Not prone to chipping and fracturing, it was an ideal stone for this event as the blocks were only 1x2x3 inches in size. 45 jade artists from around the world were sent these blocks of a stone that I named Yukon Snow. The stone had some white inclusions which gave the artists a stone with a unique character.

In this 3 month carving event, jade artists from around the world were free to carve anything they wanted, and then the finished carvings were shown in an online showing. Visitors to the site voted on their favorite carvings and these incredible carvings were finally selected for the awards. This dynamic event was the first of it's kind and the artists really brought a high level of workmanship in a friendly competition. In the process, Brian's event has brought jade artists closer together and the Yukon Snow has been recognized as a unique and quality jade.

You can view the finished works at jadesymposium.com

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