It is often difficult for artists to find a  Miner  who will work with the artist to find the perfect stone for your project.  I have many jade blocks of different sizes, shapes and colors in my inventory.

When you explore this site, you will have a chance to view finished works with the different jades from myself and other artists who are working the Yukon Jade.  You will notice that the mine offers a great variety of jades with unique characteristics which can be utilized in different ways.

Most of the jades have names which depict some aspect of the stone.  In this way I can select stone that may be pleasing to you or to match a similar stone that you may have worked in the past.     

In the  Artists carving Yukon Jade  section, you will also have a chance to link to notable jade Artists and to view their works with the Yukon jades, as well as other fine works made with jades from around the world.

Since this is a new site, I have not yet put it all together, but in the near future I plan on having a large selection of rough and finished jades for you to view and perhaps you and I can find the perfect jade for your project or for your collection. 

When you click on the links under  Jade Rough  you will have a chance to get familiar with some of the jades and their names, that I have ready for your projects.